Meeting Young House Love

While I was in Richmond I had the good fortune of attending R*Home for the Holiday. The event included a fun little chat with John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, a book signing, and a silent auction of some of their book projects! John and Sherry wrote this pretty rad book that came out last week. 243 ways to show your house some love.

I’ve been reading YHL (that’s what the cool kids call it, ha!) for over a year and I am pleased to tell you John and Sherry are just as fun and kooky in person as they are on their blog. Their book has such fun tips for a variety of skill and price levels. I was super excited to go to meet them in person and have mine signed! The event sold out in three-ish hours (I can’t even begin to tell you how I a. convinced my mom and aunt to go and b. got tickets in that amount of time) and it was definitely a full house.

I have to be honest, I saw John standing in the doorway before they came out to speak and got a little fluster. Haha! I couldn’t believe we were actually in the same space. I’m such a nerd. For days before I kept telling David how nervous I was (he laughed at me). After their talk they went out to sign books. I couldn’t stop thinking how lucky I was that the line wasn’t very long, then I remembered it was a paid / sold out event and there couldn’t be any more people there. How silly am I?

Aren’t they precious? I couldn’t believe I was there. I wasn’t sure what to say to them when I got there, but we chatted about my name (John assumed my name was Melissa since my friend’s book was on top, then Sherry told me her best friend’s name was Catherine!) and how adorable Clara is. Mom snapped a picture of us and that was that!

Eeee! They are so fun! I got to sign their “yearbook” (a blank copy of their book all their fans are signing). That’s another thing I was nervous about. I couldn’t decide what to write. Hopefully they appreciated that I called them “awesomely awkward” just like the rest of us!

The rest of the trip was (obviously) a lot of fun as well. Richmond is such a beautiful place! We shopped all day, every day, but I got to grab a few pictures in the evenings.

It was such a fun trip!