Gallery Wall Pt 3

I’ve slowly collected a few pieces for my gallery wall, and since I’m doing it on my stairwell, I decided to go ahead and start with the pieces I had. The way my gallery wall worked out, I should be able to continue adding prints all the way up the stairs! Hopefully it doesn’t look too odd with just seven pieces hanging now.

I started out with this great idea I saw on pinterest.

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Cut out scraps of paper the same size as your frames
2. Mark the nail hole
3. Move them around until you love the spacing
4. Hammer through the nail hole
5. Hang!

I’m hoping to get another big piece soon, and then add more pieces climbing up the wall! I also have four pieces from the same artist right now, and I hope to spread those out as I get more art.

In case you’re wondering about what I have up now, the four pieces featuring a girl are from Tastes Orangey. The shadow box is a collection of things from our trip to Europe last summer. The map is from Between Everything. The large photograph I bought from a dear friend to support her trip to Nicaragua in a few weeks.

I’m so thrilled with the look of my wall so far, and I can’t wait to add more art as I get/make it!