Holy Smokes! My favorite season is nearly upon us, and thanks to Sandy, the weather is almost perfect! I can’t lie, while beautiful spring days with a bright sun and cool breeze are great, I love winter. Cold. Snow. Rain. Wind. I live for it.

I see this tree every day.

This particular day it was striking. The leaves had just started changing, but it was nothing dramatic. Then five days later this happened.

Orange! In just 5 short days! And then Sandy came. Granted, most of her effects were north of here, we got some amazing winds and some great cold weather. If only it were colder. I know it would have snowed.

In just two weeks winter was almost upon us! I know some people can’t see the beauty in the cold and dreary, but it always stops me in my tracks. I cannot wait for winter. I’m crossing my fingers ours is full of cold and snow!

Happy November!