DIY Pumpkins

This year I bought 8 pumpkins. 8! I had lots of crafts in mind.

(Technically, three of them are gourds.)

The three little gourds remained untouched and decorate one of our side tables. The three little pumpkins did not make it out unscathed… I spray painted two bronze and one a glossy white. One of the bronze pumpkins got dunked in gold glitter and the white pumpkin was sprinkled with gold glitter.

I spray painted the knobby pumpkin (my favorite) glossy white. He’s on our new table from Ikea!

And I carved the biggest pumpkin. It took me fore-ev-er to decide what to carve. This year I went with Buckbeak from Harry Potter.

For those of you curious, I like to carve my pumpkins without punching all the way through. I outline my design lightly with a  pocket knife and then put a circle around the design. I carve deeper until you can see the design, and then scoop out from the inside. This enables you to create a thin layer for the light to shine through without running the risk of accidentally cutting one of my fine details.