I’m getting my hair trimmed in a weak-ish and I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing something a little bit different. Not drastic by any means, my bangs have just been driving me nuts lately.

On a perfect day (aka, someone helped me fix my hair), it’d look something like this.


(I, on the other hand, look nothing like Bryce Dallas Howard…)

I like these two other sweeping bang cuts. They are very similar to mine, so I’m not sure much would change.


These bangs are longer. My bangs tend to turn crazy when they get this long. No matter if I straighten them, they always have bumps and holes in them.


I think the three words used to describe these bangs were feathered, layered, and fringe… Not sure what any of that means.

And then I saw Rubi’s post and fell in love with this hair cut.

(My hair is basically all four of those “best fors” in one). This cut looks similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s hair here.


So. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger and asking for straight bangs. Maybe that’ll solve the gaping and twisting problems I have. Or maybe it won’t and I’ll just sweep them right back over to the side. Who knows.

(here, here, here, here, here)