DIY: Elbow Patches (Part 1)

I have a problem. When I pulled out my favorite black H&M hoodie this season I noticed something.

There are holes in both of my elbows! How did that happen?! Oh, well. Lucky for me, elbow patches are totally in right now.

So I searched Pinterest and the fabric store and came up with a plan.

(from Because I’m Addicted)

I picked up three different types of fabric (because I couldn’t decide what I liked best). A brown suede (top), a flannel plaid (middle), and a corduroy (bottom).

So now I need help from you! (And my mom, but she already knows that.) Which fabric would you use? I like the suede because it feels the most… elbow patchy. But the corduroy has that great little stripe and who doesn’t love plaid? Seriously, there was so much plaid. I wanted to buy it all and start putting flannel in/on everything.

Leave me a comment telling me which fabric you think I should use!