First Friday T-Shirt


Two weeks ago we celebrated First Friday downtown. One of my favorite shops, Civic Threads, had a DIY t-shirt event. They provided us with Sharpie t-shirt markers and a free white t and we could design our shirts however we wanted!

I decided to do a vertical chevron on my tshirt. I thought about coloring in every other stripe, but realized that could take hours, so I just picked random stripes to color.


At the last minute, I thought a bright pink stripe would be the right amount of surprise to add to the back of my shirt.

I also chose to do my design on the back of my shirt instead of the front. I wanted to be sure that if I hated it, I could still get some wear out of the white t-shirt. Ha!


All in all, the marker’s worked pretty well and were a pleasant surprise. The only thing I wish is that they were like watercolor markers or paint pens so I could have filled in my stripes more quickly and efficiently. Oh well!