Where Would You Live?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? These are the four places I wish we could live:

New England – David and I would love to live in New Hampshire or Vermont. The snow, the mountains, the coast, it seems like the best of all worlds.

Scotland – If we could live in Europe, we would love to live in or near Edinburgh. It was probably our favorite place that we visited and last summer and we would love to explore the area more.

Seattle, Washington – David’s cousin lives in Seattle and we would love to be near them, but we also love the city and the west coast. We’ve visited them in Seattle once before and it was such a fun place to be.

Green Bay, Wisconsin – David has been a Green Bay Packers fan his whole life, and I think it would be so fun to live nearby and be totally immersed in the football culture. Also there’s lots of snow and water nearby.

If you can’t tell, there are a few things we value in a place to live. Cold. Snow. And water. We’re not ready to move right now by any means, but a girl can dream, right? I would love to raise my kids in one of the four places above. What do you think?