Colored Jeans (Or Why I Am Obsessed With H&M)

This weekend we were in Raleigh killing time and I realized we were near H&M. My love affair with H&M began in 2004 when I was in Paris with my senior class (which consisted of only two other girls: her & her). We stumbled upon a four story building with rows and rows of color coded clothing. I was in heaven. Years later I stood in line early one Tuesday morning waiting for my local H&M to open. Every time I go to a new city my first goal is find the H&M. I love their clothes. They are reasonably priced and remind me of Paris. How can you go wrong with that?

This weekend I wandered through the store looking for nothing in particular, and walked away with three new pairs of pants! Black jeans, grey jeans, and orange jeans. All for under $55.


I’m so excited to own colored jeans for the fall! And those grey jeans are the softest thing you’ve ever touched. One thing I love about H&M (practically the only place I buy jeans) is that I can find jeans in extra long lengths (hello, 32″). This way I’m not always wearing high waters, and if I play my cards right, I get a little rolling room at the bottom. You tall girls have to know what I mean, don’t you feel left out sometimes when you see the cute cuffed jeans?

I cannot wait to wear these puppies all autumn and winter. Bring on the cold weather!