Now that we’re officially adults, we’re on the go non-stop. We haven’t had a quiet weekend to ourselves in weeks. Remember when we used to sit on the couch for three days straight? No? I do. It was glorious. Not that we aren’t having a ton of fun now. We hang out with friends, walk downtown, buy art, go on vacation. This weekend we’re headed to Raleigh for a house-warming party. Next weekend we’re visiting grandparents in SC. There’s the inevitable trip to Charlotte to buy our bed frame. (As I wrote that, our broken bed frame that our mattress is sitting inside of – on the floor – fell over…)

As much as I love traveling, sometimes it’s nice just to stay at home. So that’s my goal. Stay at home half the weekends in October (because August is already a lost cause). What do you like to do on the weekends? We all know what Ransom prefers to do…