Guess what. I’ve only been to Ikea once. And on top of that, I’ve never bought anything from Ikea. I know. It surprises me too. I love the store, their style, and their prices. The closest one to me is almost 100 miles away. We’ve also never had enough money to “invest” in furniture.

Luckily, if we play our cards correctly, we may get to upgrade to a queen sized bed soon! (Yes, we do sleep in a double bed with our 74 pound dog.) So I’ve been looking at their bed frames and there are a couple that I like.

My favorite so far is the Malm bed. I’ve read a lot of reviews and their seem to be more positive than negative ones out there.

David and I really like the low profile of this bed, but the best part about it is that the footboard goes all the way to the ground. The way our loft is set up, you can see straight under our bed when you walk up the stairs. I would love to not be able to see that any more. The downside to this bed frame is that it’s mostly particleboard. But from what I can tell, that hasn’t led to any problems for other customers.

I also like the Rykene bed frame.

On the plus side, this bed is pine. It’s cheaper, and more customizable (think adding a closure to the footboard and maybe one day adding a headboard). But it would be more work, and if the particleboard will hold up, I already love the Malm.

I’m also intrigued and a little confused about the bed slats Ikea sells. Apparently they function as box springs, are better for your mattress (because they allow it to breathe), and allow your bed to have a lower profile… Interesting.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed the free queen mattress works out. Wish us luck! If anyone has any advice about shopping at Ikea, or knows more about their whole setup, let us know! Thanks!