We’re leaving for the beach in two days and I should probably get packing. How do you pack? Are you a list-maker, an outfit-packer, a throw-it-all-in-there, or something else?

Ever since I can remember, my mom typed up a packing list every time we went on a trip and that’s what I used to pack. I normally write them out now-a-days, but it’s still my general plan. I can’t form an outfit two days in a row at my house, so I don’t know how I would even go about packing that way. I’m pretty sure David would just chuck stuff in a bag if he were left to his own devices.

That’s another thing. If you’re married (or dating), do you pack for your significant other? Ever since we started going places together, I’ve packed for both of us, and we normally pack in the same suitcase. Apparently this is weird. My mom hasn’t packed for my dad in over 20 years of marriage.

There are a few reasons I pack for David. 1. Left to his own, he would wear the same holey t-shirt three days in a row and probably run out of socks after two days. 2. I like it when he looks nice, and if I pack my favorite shirts, he wears them. 3. He doesn’t care.

The downside to packing for him is always “What if you forget something?” I have, and I’m sure I will again, but normally he verbally packs. I ask him what he wants (shorts or pants? gym shorts? tall socks or short socks?) and he answers. And he always has the opportunity to add more things.

It works for us, it might not for you, but we haven’t had a problem with it yet. (Listen to my 1.5 years of experience sounding like we’ve been married for 20. Ha!)

So I’m off to make my packing list. Can’t forget the rice cooker! Mom texted me about that 2 days ago… She’s a little further ahead than I am!