I had to tear myself away from The Night Circus to write this blog. So far the book is outstanding. It reminds me nothing of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games as I anticipated. Instead it reminded me at first of the movie The Prestige and now it reminds me (only in the way it makes me feel) of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

We’re leaving for the beach Friday afternoon. We plan to get there in time to watch the opening ceremonies.  I have a stack of over 10 books to take. I wouldn’t trade my stack of books for an e-reader if you paid me.

I’m very excited about the beach, but have been craving cold weather lately. I want to wear jeans and a zip-up hoodie. I was listening to Frightened Rabbit today and all I could think about was Christmas (probably because David and I listened to Frightened Rabbit non-stop November and December of last year).

Ransom is trying to sleep on top of my arm while I type. I think I should go back to reading and petting my pup.