Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition

Sherri and Katie are back with the Pinterest challenge (Summer edition)! Remember these mini prints I bought a while ago? I decided now was the perfect time to figure out what to do with them. After surfing Pinterest for a while, I decided to use inspiration from here and here and to make an Instagram display.

I re-read this post to get a better idea of how to go about the process. The first thing I did was tape out the points of my heart on the wall, and then again on the counter. (Excuse the mess, we had grilled cheese and bacon for lunch.) Next I played around with the pictures until I got the exact shape I wanted. I also used this time to figure out how I wanted my photos spaced and to make sure there weren’t too many of the same type of pictures in the same spot. Then came the task of transferring the pictures to the wall. I did the middle row first and then the upper photos. This way I had a baseline to refer back to when putting up the rest of the pictures. I simply used painter’s tape for this. Just two loops on the back of each picture seemed to hold them quite nicely. (I tried to touch the tape as little as possible so it could maintain its integrity.) From start to finish it took about an hour to finish the project and I absolutely love it! What do you think? I’m sure you could do any shape you wanted, but I was really feeling the heart and didn’t want to change it up. What shape would you try?

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