We cleaned upstairs and organized it as best we could a few days ago. Here’s a quick tour:

When you first walk up the stairs this is your view. The only room we have for books is that little space in front of the chest… Sad. And the basket of books is all of our borrowed books that we’re reading/need to return.

The desk is doubling for David’s night stand.

And this is my favorite part of the loft.  I love the pictures above the bed and the wall lamps (even though they are a little uneven…).

This is my dresser. There wasn’t enough room for two dressers, so we had to move David’s clothes to the built-in shelves in the closet.

And this is the rest of the upstairs! Haha. No really, the closest door is duct work and the AC system, the bi-fold doors are the stackable washer/dryer, the furthest door is the bathroom, and the door you can’t see is the closet.

Ta-da! That’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour. Check back for the living room tomorrow!