Bedroom Lights

My parents got new wall-mounted lamps in their bedroom and David and I inherited their (30 year) old ones. We were excited about these new lamps because our space is a little tighter in the new apartment (you don’t say?), so the wall-mount lamps are just what we needed.

The lamps started out brass…

So I decided to prime and (spray) paint them.

While priming, I realized this wasn’t as easy as it always looks when Sherry paints her ceramic animals. Since my lamps have no base, there is always a part of them that’s resting against something, so there’s always a part that’s not quite dry enough that gets the paint ripped off when I move it. Now I could have been incredibly patient and honestly just painted these one side at a time, but who has time for that? So I did my best with the priming and then sanded them afterwards. When it came time to paint them, I rigged them up with our old clothesline wire so that they weren’t laying down anymore!

The wire is stuck into the ground and then gently placed inside the light socket so the lamp doesn’t fall over. While typing this, it doesn’t sound very safe. But it’s not like it was plugged into the wall or anything…

All in all, I’d say it was definitely worth it. Check them out!

We ran into a few more minor problems when they were finally hung.

1. The shades are made to sit in the socket and be secured by the bulb. Those fancy new twirly light bulbs (that are environmentally friendly, but can kill you?) secure the shade quite nicely, but then don’t fit into the socket enough to turn on. Whoops. So we used the old light bulbs (that won’t kill you, but will kill the environment?) but now the shade rattles… Hm. We’ll fix that later.

2. The lamps are different heights. Yes. I know this. Yes. I know why. The light on my side of the bed (pictured right) was my dad’s and he did a lot of yanking and pulling on it so it’s a lot looser in all the joints than the other lamp. So David’s lamp (pictured left) is technically upside down, and my lamp can apparently go upside down and right side up. But I gave David that lamp because it had a few minor flaws that I didn’t want to live with. To fix the lamp height, we’d have to switch our lamps and turn mine (which would then be David’s) right side up (since it’s now technically upside down).  Which we might do once I decide whether the upside down light or the flawed light bothers me more…

But for now, they’re painted, their hung, and we can read in bed!