Sneak Peek: DW & CM Flat

Since we lived in Raleigh, I have taken to tagging the place with live “DW & CM Flat.” Those are the initials we use to label our books, and everyone needs a little British flavor in their life.

My parents have been an enormous help to us in the moving process. They are always ready and willing to jump on board whenever a task is at hand, and this move was no different. Mom is a packing/unpacking and organizing queen, and Dad is pretty dang handy. Yesterday Dad came over and helped hang some things on the wall. It’s amazing how “at home” decorated walls can make you feel, even if you still have boxes and clutter lying around.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek at the pictures above our bed. I hope to do a small photo tour once the apartment is mostly set up. I hope this gets you excited! And if you’re a friend in Greensboro, give us a call and come over whenever you’d like! We’d love to see you!