Packing: What Worked and What Didn’t

Isn’t it funny that you can pack everything you own in 24 hours, but it takes forever to unpack it all? My favorite boxes are the last couple ones we packed that are catch-all boxes. They have things in them like a computer charger, christmas lights, a dustpan, a water pitcher, couch arm covers, and a saran-wrapped dirty fork. Other than the two catch-all boxes, we did a pretty good job of labeling and packing everything.

We ended up using these fancy packing labels my friend Becca created for her cross-country move.

We highlighted the rooms in a specific color, and put a sticker of that color on each box so our super awesome friends knew where to unload each box. (Also Becca’s suggestion.)

To differentiate storage boxes from other boxes, we circled the contents in blue. We also put a red ‘C’ on each label for climate controlled storage boxes (books, dvds, etc). We did not number the storage boxes, but instead tried to be as detailed as possible when labeling their contents (we just ran out of time). Hopefully this will suffice when we are looking for things in storage.

I’m sure some of you are tired of reading about packing and moving, and this should be the last boring post. I wanted to write these, however, because I found it helpful to peruse other blogs looking for packing techniques, and I wanted to (hopefully) provide those for someone else in the future.

I’ve set a goal to make the house presentable by Sunday when my in-laws get back into town, so it’s back to unpacking for me!