Moving Through Instagram

It’s been a long weekend, but we are finally moved.

Friday night we had the apartment completely packed. We had two piles, one of things that go to the new apartment, and one of things that go to my parents house for storage. The new apartment is small with little storage space, so we sent almost 1/3 of our things (including most of our precious books) to my parents’ house. Hopefully as we settle into the new apartment we will find room for some of the things we’ve had to store.

My parents graciously helped us with the entire move. Mom and I packed and cleaned and Dad and David did most of the loading and heavy lifting. We also had many friends help us over the weekend. (Thanks, everyone!)

This box made Mom and I giggle. Don’t worry, it found its way into a cooler before too long.

Goodbye, Raleigh!

Goodbye, books!

Unpacking is hard! The boys all felt they deserved a rest on the bed.

I loved the fact that although there were boxes piled everywhere, we still had a vase of beautiful peonies in the kitchen. Dad grows hundreds in his yard every year and they’ve just started blooming!

Ransom is adjusting quite well to the move, as you can tell.

I hope to update on what packing methods we used and what worked best tomorrow. Now back to unpacking!