Transitional Housing

Good news! We’ve found a place to live in Greensboro that will serve as transitional housing for us. We are very lucky because a family friend has offered to let us stay in his condo for a very reasonable price and for as little or as much time as we need. We are excited to have a place to live that’s not our parents’ house (we love them, but it’s probably best for everyone if don’t move back in) and we’re excited to have such an amazing temporary home.

This, of course, means I have to reassess my packing techniques. I’ll now have to distinguish temporary boxes from storage boxes, as well distinguishing boxes by room. I still plan on number boxes so we know what’s in what box, but I may only do this for storage boxes and not for boxes we plan on opening immediately.

Plans have also changed in that I’m staying in Greensboro until Thursday, and then Mom and I have the pleasant task of packing the entire apartment on Friday.

Our next big hurdle is finding me a job. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I find something quickly, and if you know of available jobs in the Greensboro/High Point/Jamestown/Summerfield/Winston-Salem area, let me know!