Guess What!

Big news in the Earley household. David was offered a full-time job! That’s not the big news though… it’s in Greensboro!

We’re moving!

We are currently in the middle of subletting our apartment, looking for a house in Greensboro, and looking for a job (for me) in Greensboro. Crazy! Everything is moving very quickly; we’re hoping to be completely moved to Greensboro and settled in by mid-May. Obviously we will be sad to leave our friends in Raleigh, but we’re excited about the possibility of a house, a yard, and two full time jobs in Greensboro!

This has been an absolute whirlwind for us, but we’re excited about what is ahead. If any of our friends in Greensboro know of anyone hiring, or any houses for rent, let us know, because those are two big obstacles we still have ahead of us. We will also be packing the apartment up sometime in the next few weeks, so if anyone feels the need to do some packing or heavy-lifting, just let me know!

I’ll leave you with some of our favorite pictures of Greensboro!