I just read this fun article. It reminds me of something David and I talked about a while back. We want to teach our children French. Which in turn means, we want to learn French. We’ve thought about it before, but Rosetta Stone is expensive and as much as we’d love to relocate ourselves to Europe, that’s even more expensive. A while ago we decided a good time to learn French would be when we found out we were pregnant. That will give us a 9 month head start on our kid. Sounds like fun, huh? I’m excited about it. I envision fun times of putting headphones on my belly and letting our baby listen to our French lessons. Haha.

What about you guys? Do you know another language? Do you want to learn one? Which foreign language would you learn if you could only pick one? Do you think it’s important to teach yourselves/your children another language? Let’s chat!