Sweet 16

After heart-stopping wins, careful consideration, and a dash of magic, we’re going to the Sweet 16 (and hopefully the Elite 8)! Hopefully happy stories will commence on Monday about our fantastic road trip. For now, here’s the story about our Wolfpack coming home after beating Georgetown.

After we finished screaming, jumping, hitting, and running in circles when Georgetown missed that last shot, we hopped onto the internet and discovered the team was coming home at 7:40 pm.

The place was packed. We got there about an hour before the team. By the time they got there about 400 people were waiting.

This video is 7 minutes long, so I understand if you don’t want to watch it. The speeches start around the 4 minute mark.

Then we headed to the belltower to see it in all it’s beauty.

And here’s the Technician from Monday morning.

I promise I’ll try not to talk about basketball for the rest of the week, but in case you need some more convincing that NC State making it to the Sweet 16 is awesome, check out these articles.