Our Library

What does your library look like? How do you label your books? DO you label your books?

Labeling our books was something David and I were very excited about when we got married. When we joined our book collections we had 281 books total. I decided it would be fun to stamp the inside of our books. We had gotten two “make your own” stamps to address our wedding invitations, and I thought this would be a fun way to label our books. I left David in charge of deciding what to actually stamp them with since (funnily enough) he was more picky about this part of the process than I was.

Here are two different examples of what he chose.

I love the way the lines from the stamp leave residue on the page. I realize this is completely out of character, but I think it just has a beautiful effect.

One of the reasons we landed on this label, is because it leaves room to add family members initials as they come into the picture. I think it will be delightful to know which books we owned when, based on the family members represented in the stamp.

P.S. Apparently I have deemed this week, “Let’s talk about books.” I hope you’re enjoying it!