Do any of you like skiing? David loves it. I enjoy skiing, but am afraid at this point in my life that I’ll only hurt myself if I ski for any extended period of time. But David loves it.

I’m more than willing to go on a ski trip (if there’s snow, I’m there) even if I don’t/can’t ski, but financially, it just hasn’t been in the cards for us lately. That’s why, when David found out last night that some guys he knew were taking a day trip to Winterplace, he jumped at the opportunity to go on an inexpensive ski trip. (If you’re curious as to how we made the trip cheaper, we googled “Winterplace deals” and discovered they give a college discount and an additional discount if you reserve your rental online)

I’ve talked to him twice already and he’s having a blast. He said it’s a little warm, but there are no lines, so there’s no waiting.

Isn’t it great to see someone you love so happy?