What an eventful weekend! Originally, we planned to go to my hometown Sunday afternoon for a family birthday dinner (my grandmother, my father, and David’s father). My dad called Friday and asked if we could come Saturday morning and bring some boys to help him chop wood. Sure.

Saturday my mom and I left to run errands while David, my dad, and two other friends went out to chop wood. We got a call around 2:00 saying they were on their way to the ER… My dad had broken his leg!

Later we learned that my dad was cutting the last tree of the day, the tree got loose and shifted back onto his leg, snapping his tibia and his fibula right above his ankle! David, Jackson, and Brant (under my father’s calm instructions) were able to pull the tree off (with the truck), splint his leg, and drive him to the E.R. in under an hour!

He had surgery around 5:00. 4 nails, a 14″ rod, and three hours later, his bones were back together and he’s a little less bow-legged than he was before.

He’s still in the hospital now, but hoping to be released this afternoon or tomorrow. We are all very grateful he had three boys working with him (instead of being alone) and that the tree only hit his leg and not his chest or head! We still had our party, but Dad had to eat his cake at the hospital.