Ever since I discovered StickyGrams I have been dying to get some of my own. Square magnets created from your Instagram photos. They are amazing. Finally we decided we had enough spare cash to order some, so order I did. It was incredibly hard narrowing my choices down to 2 3×3 sheets, but I did, and here’s the result!

The top two rows are from our trip to Europe this summer, the third line is Harry Potter, next is Ransom, and last is some Raleigh/NC State/hot chocolate love. I just felt like the cup of hot chocolate was an appropriate choice for the kitchen.

I assumed that the magnets would be glossy (they are not) and David was afraid they felt a little fragile, but Ransom has already clawed the fridge once and I’m happy to report no StickyGrams were injured. I am thoroughly pleased with my magnets and am thrilled to have them. I recommend them for everyone!