By The Numbers: An Update

I have 1746 pins on my pinterest pinboards.

We have been married for 387 days!

I am subscribed to 346 blogs on Google Reader.

As of today, David and I have 322 books and

We have 184 movies.

We (but mostly I) took 161 photos with our iPhones in January.

There are 146 days left until my birthday.

David’s birthday is in 72 days.

We currently follow 37 television shows.

There are 14 wedding/engagement pictures in our living room.

I’ve completed 8 pinterest projects!

There are 2 blankets that stay on our couch on a regular basis.

Lastly, David has a big interview in 1 day. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, cross all your fingers and toes, and send us as much good luck as you can. We really want this one.