Has anyone every used a Furminator on their pet? Our friends have one, and since we haven’t brushed Ransom once in his year and one month of life, we thought it might be a good idea to borrow it.

It. is. amazing.

I brushed Ransom for a solid hour and hair kept coming off. First most of the hair was white then it switched to black. Crazy! I still need to brush his neck more, and maybe his butt, but I can definitely tell a big difference since we brushed him. When he shakes, little hairs don’t fly everywhere! Amazing!

I can’t wait to get him completely brushed, change the sheets in the bed, and enjoy a few months without dog hair scattered all over the house.

The Furminator is rather expensive (at least, it seems expensive to me) but I think it’s definitely worth it. Maybe when Ransom sheds his coat again (about 6 months from now) we’ll be able to buy one of our own.

Does anyone have any other dog grooming suggestions? Techniques? We’re always open to new ideas about how to take care of our pup!