Homemade Hibachi

The one thing I can cook is homemade hibachi. David and I decided one day that we could make it, so we tried. It took a little while, but I think we’ve got it down. Once, my sister-in-law asked for the recipe, so I thought I’d post it here. Maybe someone else will want it too.

First: Garlic oil. We used olive oil the first couple times. Garlic oil is definitely better.

Second: Rice and soy sauce. I just toss the rice in and pour soy sauce all over it. Then I mix it around. I like to let it sit a little while so the rice gets crunchy.

Third: Meat. If it’s chicken I like to set aside a little place to make sure it all cooks. If it’s meat or shrimp I just throw it in and keep mixing.

Last: Veggies. I just leave them in until the get warm.

The more you let things sit between mixing the crunchier everything is. That’s the way we like it. But you (obviously) can do your own thing. We’ve made hibachi with shrimp, beef, chicken, egg, broccoli, and carrots. It’s delicious.

Hopefully this will help someone make a delicious meal. If you have suggestions, feel free to offer them. But remember, we don’t know anything about cooking, so you should probably explain it to us like we’re 5-years-old. Happy eating!