New Bed

Well, sort of. We’re getting a new box spring and mattress on Thursday. David said he doesn’t expect it to change our lives. Maybe I do. I’m kind of excited. My mom happened upon them barely used and they have to be better than the ones we’re using now (they may or may not be the ones I’ve had my whole life).

We cleaned the bedroom yesterday, organized the closet and David’s dresser, and got out some new sheets to get ready. Did I mention I’m excited?

Okay, I don’t really expect it to change our lives, but I am excited. I also have an irrational fear that our current broken box springs will randomly collapse and crush the pup when he’s sleeping under the bed. So the new box spring will make me feel better about that. (Don’t judge me, that’s only one of the many irrationally puppy fears I have. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I have a human child…)

My dad is bringing them Thursday. He is also bringing a surprise anniversary gift that is “exciting” and that he and my mom are “glad  [they] are able to give it” to us. Any guesses on what it could be? David and I are at a loss, and Dad keeps asking if we’re excited and then saying, “I’m not telling.” (Quotations are his words and not my sarcasm.)

I’ll update on the comfortableness (that’s not a real word) of the mattress and the awesomeness of the anniversary gift later this week!