Winter Premieres

Well, we’re 10 days into January and the television shows are rolling back in. Californication, Shameless, soon Alcatraz and House of Lies. If there’s one good thing about Christmas being over, it’s that all the television shows we love come back on.

If I had to choose our favorite shows this year, I think they would be Castle and Shameless. But we always laugh at Californication, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Last Man Standing. We’ve slowed down a lot with Parenthood and Chuck. Parenthood was getting painful, and Chuck seems like they just gave up on making a great show. I think we’re planning on catching up on those seasons after they end.

We’re both very sad about Community. We’re keeping our fingers crossed everything will work out and it will come back.

We’re also still enjoying The Walking Dead. There were a lot of complaints about the first half of the show (too slow, too boring, too few walkers), but we didn’t mind, and the last episode before Christmas was outstanding. We can’t wait for it too come back.

How about Dexter? Any strong feelings one way or the other about this season? I’ve had a soft spot for Colin Hanks since he escorted Liv Tyler into the theater in That Thing You Do, so I was stoked to find out he was in this season. I thought he did an outstanding job, but I know there were a lot of critics who didn’t like this season.

David and I also watched the first season of Homeland. I can’t turn down Claire Danes, and David loves Captain Winters (from Band of Brothers), so we knew we had to give it a try. We’re very glad we waited until the end of the season to start watching. I think it took us two days to watch all 12 episodes. We didn’t sleep as much as we should have, but we couldn’t! It’s a great show. I highly recommend it.

What are your favorite shows this year? Is anyone else excited about Alcatraz? (This will help if you aren’t sure.) What new shows are you planning to pick up this winter? Any old favorites that still make you laugh? Who else is furious about Community? Anyone else love Colin Hanks no matter what? Did anyone give any new shows a try this year? What have you liked? What have you dropped? Let us know in the comments!