I think we need one more day. Not even the dog wants to get out of bed.

I undecorated the tree, but the rest of the decorations are still up. In the spirit of not having a normal week, David and Jackson are taking a concealed carry class, and David’s work schedule is so crazy that we didn’t see each other yesterday until 10pm. That, of course, meant that we were up till past 1. Maybe this is normal, and my idea of normal doesn’t really exist. Oh well. One more post of nothingness and then maybe the blog will get back to “normal.”

Anyone else’s life refusing to get back into the swing of things? Who else has an adorably cuddly pet that makes you want to lounge around all day?

P.S. A big happy birthday to two of the boys! Brant and Tyson, I hope you have a great day!