Good morning! It’s 31 degrees in Raleigh this morning and this is the first day we’re back into the swing of things. David went to the dairy at 6am, Ransom slept in his box, and my nannying schedule is back to normal.

Everyone is rebelling in their own little way, though. David and I both snoozed the alarm as many times as we could, and Ransom waltzed right out of his box and straight to the bed where he burrowed under the covers. It’s hard to get moving when it’s 50 degrees inside! I will not turn the heat on, I will not turn the heat on.

I have Christmas decorations to take down, clothes to wash, bags to unpack, rooms to clean. Maybe after this weekend we’ll start to feel like we have everything together again. It takes a toll traveling every weekend, and sometimes for days in a row, but it’s always great to see family.

Who else is experiencing holiday hangover today? Isn’t it hard not to crawl back into bed with the delicious cold weather outside? I hope you all have successful and painless days back at work. Here’s to getting back into our regular routines!

We enjoyed a glorious sunset on our drive home last night. What a great way to end our vacation! This is one of the many pictures I took. More can be found on instagram: lilsunpacker.