New Year’s Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated our 6th and final Christmas of the season.

We had a yummy breakfast (monkey bread and breakfast casserole) and opened presents with David’s immediate family.

The last Christmas tree

The last round of presents.

Our last haul. We got beach towels and earrings and hot chocolate and chapstick and sausage and a nail file and treats for the pup!

We gave the Earley parents a calendar with family pictures. It was very fun to make and very fun to watch them open!

We momentarily got switches and coal (this is TJ playing with his switch) but were then given our normal stockings.

It was a fun last Christmas, and a nice way to ring in the New Year. The temperature dropped 20 degrees last night, let the cold weather begin! Maybe soon I can post about Ransom’s first snow experience. Keep your fingers crossed!!