On Our 6th, 7th, and 8th Dates of Christmas

Or should we change that to “dates of winter” since we’re making such a slow go of it? Either way.

Christmas night we went on a triple date with our sister & brother-in-law and our aunt & uncle. We went to a local Florence theater to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Tuesday David and I took a stroll around the mall to exchange a gift and spend some of our Christmas money. We walked away with a new candle from Bath & Body Works and this bad boy:

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, David is now the proud owner of an iPhone 4S and I am a very jealous wife! I’m only a little kidding. I of course, wanted Siri all to myself, but it was David’s turn, and I’m glad we could get it for him. (It’s a toss-up whether David put that picture up because of me or the 1911 pistol…)

Wednesday night we curled up on the couch (we revoked our stay at home date rule here) with our sleepy pup and watched The Last King of Scotland.

We were a little behind watching The Last King of Scotland, but we finally crossed it off of our list. It was definitely entertaining and somewhat enlightening, but probably not my favorite movie. It was enjoyable to hear James McAvoy speaking in his Scottish accent.

Has anyone else been to the movies lately? Or any other fun dates? We have four more dates to go and are open to fun date suggestions!