We had an outstanding Christmas and I hope you all had the same! We started celebrating Thursday night with our very first Christmas.

I got some awesome Baggu bags and Steve Jobs’ biography; David got movies, video games, and a shirt; and Ransom got a beef-flavored rawhide bone!

Then we drove home Friday and had Christmas with my parents Saturday afternoon.

Christmas with my family consisted of two shot guns and our fourth copy of the Harry Potter series. My dad passed down two of his shotguns to David and I (needless to say, David was extremely excited), and my aunt bought us the Complete (British) Series Special Edition Boxed Set of Harry Potter! I am beyond excited about these books!

That evening we had Christmas with some of my mom’s best friends and their families. Sadly, the only photographic proof I have of that Christmas is a picture of the adorable puppy  that was there…

Sunday morning we drove to South Carolina to celebrate with David’s extended family.

Our time in South Carolina consisted of a 12-day-old baby boy, a 2-year-old baby boy, and lots of skeet!

Monday morning we drove back to North Carolina for Christmas with my dad’s extended family.

This Christmas involved more skeet shooting and lots and lots of laughing.

We still have one more Christmas to celebrate next weekend with David’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law. We like to drag our celebrations out as long as possible!

How many other people celebrate 6 or more Christmases each year? David and I have been doing this circuit for four years now, and we’ve almost got it down pat. I can’t even imagine how complicated it’s going to get when we throw kids in the mix!

Here’s to a relaxing week full of fun memories and new toys for everyone! Cheers!