Happy Christmas!

We’ve celebrated one Christmas so far and are about to celebrate our second! We had our first Christmas Thursday night, just David and I, and it was a great first Christmas. It was easy and simple, and Ransom’s Christmas bone kept him busy while we enjoyed our gifts!

Christmas with my parents and my mom’s sister is this afternoon. My mom gave up on a real tree once I went to college, so they’ve been making do with a ceramic tree and a grapevine tree for a few years now.

Also, Daddy rescued a kitty yesterday!

Mom named her Dale Evans. Isn’t she cute? David is allergic to cats (has been his whole life) so he doesn’t like her. But he’s dumb because she’s cute. Ransom is afraid of her and jumps every time he sees her. I guess he doesn’t know he’s 10x bigger than her. Silly puppy.

This will be the last post until (probably) Tuesday, so I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Christmas! I hope you all enjoy fun and special times with friends and families the next few days! I can’t wait to eat delicious food, open more presents, give more presents, and see many more of our own friends and family! I can’t wait to come back and (photographically) update you on all of our Christmas adventures!

Happy Christmas!