Stocking Status

So this is where we are:

The yarn came December 5th. I was nervous to start alone, so I waited until the weekend to get started (with the help of one of my mom’s good friends).

The next time I picked it up was the first time I started alone and I started backward (apparently this is a common mistake). So I had to undo about 15 stitches (terrifying work) and restart.

This is where I am now. The next step is David’s name. This part is not in the pattern, so I’m winging it!

It took a lot of guesswork, but I finally figured out how to do the letters. I wanted to do lower case, but I don’t think I had enough room to make the letters distinguishable.

This is what I ended up with. I planned to start his name yesterday, but was tired after work and a little apprehensive to change colors by myself. I chickened out again today. Hopefully tomorrow is the day!

Is anyone else working on their first knitting project? Anyone else knitting Christmas stockings (a little last-minute)? Any other scardy-cat knitters out there? Good luck to any other knitters, I’m off to (hopefully) knit that name!