Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas decorations are (mostly) done (I reserve the right to continue tweaking)! Check them out!

Our mantle! The nativity was a wedding gift, the garland is part tinsel, part made by me, and the little tree you’ll get a closer look at below! And check out that banner! It gave us quite the trouble, but, in my opinion, was definitely worth it!

The Christmas crafts. You’ve seen the candles before, the twiggy tree is now hung, and the trees were finally completed last night!

Decorations donated to us from my mother! (We’ll ignore the fact she was glad to give them away because now I don’t beg her to decorate with them at her house…) My favorite decoration from these is definitely the mouse that hung on my bedroom door every Christmas I lived at home

And one more look at our tree!

So, how do you like it? It’s modest, but we love it. I’m glad I put some heart and soul into some of our decorations, it definitely makes them more special! Has anyone else finished decorating for Christmas yet?