Christmas Crafting

David and I are headed home (to my parents’ house) this Friday to finish up the Christmas decoration crafts and to hopefully add some more deer meat to our freezer.

I plan to finish the other two flower-punch trees, twiggy ornaments, and my merry & bright banner. Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to take pictures of our fully decorated apartment!

My kids (that I nanny for) are going to Disney world tomorrow and won’t be back until Wednesday. That means today is my Friday! The plan is to get a lot of knitting done while they’re gone. Speaking of knitting, I’ve started the stockings and am about to add the first bit of color. I’m hoping to get some supervised knitting time in this weekend so I can start to feel more comfortable with it. Right now I’m a little nervous to go at it by myself, because I don’t want to get in over my head or get super frustrated. I think I’ve accepted that I won’t get them done for Christmas, but I would like to have David’s done.

Since I have tomorrow off, Mom and I are going shopping. I’m very excited! I haven’t been shopping in ages. That’s what happens when you don’t have any money. Oh, well.

Sorry for the rambling update post. I’ll have more interesting stuff to say after I finish the crafts this weekend. To make up for the bore, this is a picture my dad took of the woods in my parents’ back yard.


Anyone else have big crafting or shopping plans for the weekend?