DIY Christmas Trees

I found some adorable Christmas trees on pinterest (originally from here).

To help me make these, one of my mom’s dear friends came over with her Cricut (from what I understand, it’s a fancy machine that cuts much more efficiently and much more beautifully than I ever could). We started by cutting cute little flowers out of some glittery card stock paper. Then those precious 10-year-olds I told you about yesterday helped me pin them all onto a styrofoam tree.

This is what they created:

I love it! Every once in a while they would come over to me (they did this while I was having knitting lessons) and ask, “how does this look?” What cuties.

Ideally we would have three of these cute little trees, but the Cricut blade couldn’t cut through the other two glitter sheets (who knows why they’re different thicknesses…). We’re currently brainstorming a backup plan, so hopefully we’ll have a red tree and a turquoise tree before Christmas!

What Christmas decorations have you handmade?

P.S. Happy December!!