DIY Christmas Candles

The only craft I completed this weekend were Christmas candles. The original idea came from here and I pinned it here:

The tutorial suggests using double-sided tape and glitter to get the striping effect seen in the pinned picture. I attempted that with the candle below, but found the tape did not stick well to my candles. This could be because my candles are 10(ish) year old luminary candles or user error… who knows.

The thicker stripes are the taped stripes. They obviously look better but I’m afraid they’ll fall off any second. I used glue for the smaller stripes, and was a little rushed, so they aren’t as even as I would like. That’s all beside the point. This is my candy cane candle!

The easier candles were the snow candles.

First you cover the candles in glue (I used mod podge).

Next you sprinkle your glitter all over the candle. It’s very similar to salting corn. David did not approve of that analogy when I used it Sunday…

And voilà! Snowy candles. I love them!

I’ll update on my incomplete projects later. Did anyone else do any Christmas crafting this weekend?