Stocking Update

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! David and I had a great time relaxing with my parents. David and my dad went hunting multiple times and David shot his first deer! Now our freezer is stocked full of meat! Hooray!

While the men were out hunting and doing manly things, Mom and I had friends over and we did some crafting! I plan on updating about our crafting throughout the week. The first thing I did was have some knitting lessons. One of my mom’s friends is quite a good knitter, and she went through the first part of my stocking pattern with me. I now know how to read the pattern! We did a little bit of practice knitting, and I got through the first two steps of the stocking. I think I should be able to get them both knit to the heels before I need help again!

Last night I ordered the yarn and as soon as it get’s here I’m excited to start knitting! I’m not sure they’ll be done by Christmas, but I’m going to try! Here are our colors!

I’m not sure how accurately the colors translate from the website to in-person, but David’s stocking should be a little brighter and more traditional.

My stocking has a darker red and a less traditional green color. The bottom right color, cloud, will be the same in both stockings.

Did anyone else do any Christmas crafting over the holiday week?