Color Me Katie

I am subscribed to 292 blogs in my google reader. 292. That’s a lot. Most of the blogs I read I have cute things they do every certain day of the week. Sunday Funday, I heart Monday, Tunesday, Thrifting Thursday, Five things Friday, Photobooth Friday, and {this moment} (that I already participate in) to name a few. I don’t plan on ripping any of these guys off (promise) and stealing their super cute ideas, but I like the idea of having a planned blog post once or twice a week. I’ve really enjoyed blogging every day (or close to it) and this would be an easier way to keep that up!

For now, I have no cute names, or specific days, or really any ideas. What actually happened was that I was going through my reader and I came across a blog post I really really liked. It was so good I wanted to share it with everyone. So that’s what I’m going to do. If anyone has any cute name ideas so that I can make this a weekly thing (sharing some fun things each week that I’ve read in some of my 292 blogs), please share in the comments!

And now the reason for this post. I was reading Color Me Katie today and fell in love with her blog post. Essentially, she collected a bunch of rocks, painted hearts on them, and put them back outside so that people would find them and it would (hopefully) cheer them up. It’s like when you see that penny tails-side up and you flip it over so that the next person that finds it sees it face-up. Here’s an example of what she did (photo by Color Me Katie). Go check out the rest of the post to hear exactly why she did what she did!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!