Carolina Hurricanes Season Ticket Holder Party

Since we weren’t chosen at Chick-Fil-A Wednesday morning, we were able to attend the Carolina Hurricanes Season Ticket Holder Party! We got a free dinner (and dessert – Dippin Dots!), lots of autographs, to walk on the ice, take pictures on the bench, to see a Zamboni up close, and to walk into the penalty box!

Here’s your photo update!

We started the night by grabbing a free poster to have all the players sign.

The players were scattered throughout the second floor for autographs, so we wandered up to Staal’s line and I got this view of the empty arena.

Staal, Boychuk, Stewart, and Brent (farthest to closest).

Harrison, Skinner (or “the baby” as I so affectionately call him), and Dalpe.

Boucher, Sutter, Jokinen (best accent ever), and Gleason.

We got autographs from the first three tables, but I snuck a picture of this table right before the players left (they’d already closed the line). LaRose, Kaberle, Tlusty, and McBain.

Next we walked down onto the empty ice. Those are our seats waaay up there in section 314.

We got to sit on the home bench! (Mackenzie is in the green shirt next to David.)

And we ended our tour with a look at that huge, green, John Deere Zamboni.

Does anyone else have season tickets for hockey? What about any other sports?