Knitting and Dark Souls

It all started with David’s cousin Josh. Josh signed up with Extra Life to play video games for 24 hours to raise money for a children’s hospital in Florence, SC. Josh kept pestering David to buy this game, Dark Souls, because it was “horrible and awesome.” So when Friday rolled around David and I decided to rent Dark Souls from Redbox. We played (when I say we, I mean David played and I yelled and jumped and back-seat played in general) for a while Friday night, but David got pretty frustrated because there seemed to be no purpose and the game was just confusing in general.

Saturday we picked the game up again when Josh started his 24 hour marathon. With a disembodied sensei voice leading us, the game became much more fun and much more sensical. About eight hours into Dark Souls, I decided I needed something to do during this game marathon. Brant volunteered to teach me how to knit so we went A.C. Moore to pick out yarn and needles.

The first thing he taught me was how to cast on (pretty easy if I do say so myself). Next we started on the knit stitch. It took about two hours, but I finally made a little progress.

These are the first four rows I felt good about.

Sunday I picked up the knitting needs again. After three restarts, pulling out and re-doing five rows, and six our seven breaks, I think I finally got the hang of the knit stitch.

This was the first time I got ten good rows. The biggest mistakes I kept making were dropping and adding stitches. I also kept twisting two stitches and I’m still not quite sure how that happened. It took a while but now I feel pretty comfortable pushing the yarn up with my left hand and holding the extra yarn in my right hand.

For now my plan is to just keep playing around with this cheap yarn I bought. I think I’ll try to get 30 or 40 good knit stitches in before I learn to cast off. Then I plan to learn the purl stitch.

This is the yarn I plan to use once I actually start something. I figure I’ll make a scarf first. It seems pretty simple. I think I’ll prefer toboggans, socks, and blankets in the future. I’ve found a few adorable things on pinterest that I really want to be able to make someday. This is the yarn I’ve been dreaming about ever since I saw it at the store. Nature’s Brown, Brown Heather, Birch Tweed. I want to make cozy blankets and socks and hats out of these for when we live in much cooler climates than Raleigh.

If anyone reading knows how to knit and has any suggestions, good learning techniques, favorite patterns or yarns or blogs, or any advice they want to give me, feel free!

P.S. Fun fact. When Ransom realized I was doing something new, he got super jealous and would not leave me alone. When Brant sat down next to me to teach me the knit stitch, Ransom crawled up in my lap and wouldn’t budge.