We had a pretty great vacation this past week. We drove to Orlando Monday evening to spend the week with David’s family. Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Islands of Adventures and Universal, Friday we shopped, Friday evening we drove back to Greensboro, and Saturday we saw the Avett Brothers at the new White Oak Amphitheater!

The theme parks were awesome (of course). We rode the Hulk, the Dueling Dragons, and the Rip Riding Rock It over and over and over again! We never had more than a 30 minute wait for a ride and that was just once (our second time through the Forbidden Journey). The Hulk shoots you through a tunnel at the very beginning, the Red Dragon (Chinese Fireball) of the Dueling Dragons was significantly better than the Blue Dragon (Hungarian Horntail) and the Rip Riding Rock It takes you vertical 50ish feet before you make the first drop. It also films you while you’re riding and you can buy your own music video of your ride.

Friday we went to IKEA for the first time ever. It was quite an experience. We spent an hour and a half wandering through the store. If only we could have bought all the things we touched and “oohed” and “awed” at!

The Avett Brothers concert Saturday night was as great as expected. They played a new song or two, and the only song we didn’t hear (that we wanted to) was Talk on Indolence. We got to hear Kick Drum Heart and January Wedding live for the second time in one year! You’ve got to love those wedding songs!

I hope everyone else had a great fall break!!