Weekly Goals

I’m hoping to have some good news about a job by the end of this week, so I’ve decided to make a list of things to do this week in case next week I’m working!

  1. Grocery shoppingI went after swimming laps Monday while David was in class!
  2. Clean the house – it’s getting messy!
  3. Clean the dogRansom is clean and smells delightful thanks to the fancy new soap from his aunt! Hopefully he’ll stop itching too!
  4. Blog thriceNumber 3 will be posted within the hour!
  5. Work out 3 times – I had almost gotten into the swing of working out and then I was busy for 2 weeks… Let’s try this again!
  6. Cook dinner twicemade quesadillas Monday night and made pinterest mac and cheese Wednesday night. I’m so domestic!
My plan is to cross things off as I go (and I might add new things as I think of them), so come back and check on me!