Creativity At Its Best

First and foremost. Sorry for not wrapping up the UK trip, I’ll try to do that in the next week. For pictures, please see the link at the bottom of the page.

Now, I’m feeling creative (sort of) and we are in desperate need of a bookshelf (and a DVD shelf for that matter). Our guest room/music room/study is a disaster and currently has someone living in it (sorry Brant). But Brant moves out on Saturday and we have got to get this room back in order. There is a vomiting closet, piles of books everywhere (not to mention two already full bookshelves), a drum kit, a desk, a filing cabinet, one last box of decorations, and a lonely (rather homeless) game table.

My idea is to purchase some wood at Home Depot that is somewhere between six and eight feet long. This wood would span the whole length of the designated bookshelf wall and would eliminate using two or three bookshelves like we’ve been doing. This would also mean we could put shelving all the way to the ceiling (meaning SEVEN rows of books almost EIGHT feet long. Think of all the books!!). I would like to spray paint the wood (probably black, but oh, the possibilities!).

The dilemma is that I have no clue what to use to prop up the shelves (for lack of a better word). I would like this mystery item (or items) to be about twelve inches tall (but they definitely must be the same). I would probably need three items per shelf, and if I have seven shelves this means potentially twenty-one items. (Dang, I’m already overwhelmed. Maybe I should scrap the idea. No! I want this to happen! Alright, crisis over.)

Here are some of my thoughts aout this item. I want to use something cute/creative but I need something sturdy enough to hold up eight feet of books! I don’t need it to be the same thing, so the possibilities are endless. I would prefer to use something that I don’t have to cut, because I don’t trust myself to cut everything even/straight and I definitely want my bookshelf to be level!

I’m very excited about this but I need ideas! Please, please give me all the suggestions you can think of, I’m open!!